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“I have attended several different firearms schools along the west coast and I can say my experience at ITTS is top notch. Head instructor Scott Reitz and his assistants delivered nothing less than the best training for their students - it is second to none!”
Adam M.
Los Angeles

“Thank you all for a great weekend and a wonderful class. I have to confess that a large part of my purpose in attending was to "size-up" ITTS to determine if these are people who have the skills and the willingness to help me take my abilities to a higher level. There are a lot of courses and instructors available in the shooting world, and they don't always measure up to the advertising. Having been a serious shooter for most of the last 30 years, I am not easily impressed. Your staff, presentation, professionalism, and enthusiasm were exemplary. On a "ten" scale I'd give you a 15. WELL DONE! I will definitely be back.”
Tony S.
Santa Monica, CA

“Once again, thank you for the fantastic training. Between the six of us that attended, we have a combined time of about sixty years of experience and the Ultimate Integrated class was the best training any of us have ever attended (military and swat included). We brought back fantastic reviews and spread the word to anyone who would listen.”
Brandon A.
Sonoma, CA

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Welcome to International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc. (ITTS, Inc.). We are a family owned and operated business that has been teaching the effective, legal and ethical use of firearms and tactics for over 30 years to civilians, law enforcement and the military. When we say "family" we are including all individuals who teach and work with us, as well as our students. From the moment that you arrive at class we do our utmost to make you feel like a welcomed and valued member of the ITTS family.

Our training curriculum includes all four major weapon systems (handgun, shotgun, carbine and sniper rifle) and is designed so that each course provides a very specific skillset and covers subject matter upon which the next course will be dependent (i.e. Defensive Handgun I is the prerequisite for Defensive Handgun II just as Shotgun I is the prerequisite for Shotgun II ). Each individual course page will list any pre-requisites necessary for attendance.

Exceptions to the pre-requisites may be made on a case-by-case basis if a student has received equivalent training at a school that ITTS recognizes. For questions about pre-requisites please email or call us at 310-446-1390.

In addition to our core handgun, shotgun, carbine and sniper courses, we offer numerous Specialty Courses ranging from Home Defense and Concealed Carry Tactics to Civilian Active Shooter Critical Response. These Specialty Courses will provide you with unique and useful knowledge and skills that extend far beyond common firearms training.

No matter how basic or advanced the course you attend, from Handgun I to our Master’s Class, you can be assured that you will leave our range feeling positive about your experience, confident in the new skills you have acquired, and you will want to come back for more!

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If you need any additional assistance or if you prefer to sign up over the phone don’t hesitate to call us at 310-446-1390.

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