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The ITTS 1911 Model 100th Anniversary Class


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Saturday 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Many consider the Colt 1911 model .45 ACP the most formidable and best-engineered combat fighting pistol ever designed. This course is designed for 1911 users to experience what can be realized with the 1911 under combat settings - ITTS head instructor Scott Reitz used the 1911 in three of his shootings while serving on SWAT. This is a combat gunfighting class, not competition or ‘play’ shooting. There are no rules other than to prevail in the gunfight. All decisions and actions in a gunfight are made and carried out solely by the shooter. This class accomplishes precisely what is needed for the 1911 operator to prevail in such circumstances.

This course will push the 1911 to its fullest potential by the individual shooter. Each individual’s needs and specific accommodation to the 1911 pistol will be addressed in a one-on-one format.

The Unveiling…

Our 1st signature, Limited Edition Custom ITTS 1911 pistol built to Scott Reitz’s specifications by the world renowned Robar Company will be at the range for the students to shoot and handle. Scott and President of Robar, Robbie Barkmann, will discuss the impetus and rational behind each of the features of this signature pistol.

***Those in attendance will be the first to have the opportunity to order the ITTS 1911!***

A special lunch and the commemorative ITTS 1911 t-shirt are also included in the price of the class.

Special guests in attendance will be Robbie Barkmann, President of Robar, 1911 Historian and Thunder Ranch instructor Ray Coffman, A representative of SureFire lights, a custom holster company, and some other special guests.

Prerequisites: Contact us at 310-446-1390 to discuss qualifying for this class.

Subjects Covered:

  • The History of the 1911.
  • Debriefs of each of Scott’s shootings as well as others which utilized the 1911 and what lessons were derived from them.
  • The set-up, as well as take down, cleaning and maintenance of the 1911 and what is needed to run it effectively will be discussed and demonstrated.
  • Running the 1911 at speed with extreme accuracy for which the 1911 is known, and going out to extreme distance targets.
  • Methods of carry both on and off duty, and concealed.
  • Multiple scenarios utilizing reactive armor and our custom designed target systems will be carried out by participants.

Equipment needed:

  • Cleaned and oiled 1911 pistol*
  • Three or more magazines
  • Magazine pouch or holder
  • Holster
  • Sturdy nylon or leather belt or duty rig
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Clear glasses for night shoot
  • Sturdy flashlight with spare batteries
  • 500 rounds of factory ammunition

*1911 pistol rentals (and all associated equipment) are available for rent at a daily rate of $25. All of our rental guns are of the highest quality and in excellent condition. Therefore, when renting our equipment, ammunition MUST be purchased from us at competitive prices.

A limited number of rentals are available, so please indicate your need to rent when you sign up for a class either by noting it in the comments section or by calling us at 310-471-2029.

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Tuition: $525.00

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