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“For the last few years I have been trying to figure out how to shoot long range. No matter what books you read, or videos you watch it is very confusing. Scott and his associate instructors took the mystery out of "Sniper" shooting. By the end of day 2 I was figuring out my own fire solutions and hit targets out to 851 yards. I would advise anyone who wants to learn to shoot and shoot well to come to ITTS to learn. They are professional and get you to where you want to be. No need to travel out to Nevada to learn to shoot. The best course is here in Los Angeles back yard. This is my second time enlisting in their classes. I plan to come back.”

- Max H.

“Who would have guessed that I would enjoy the Handgun I class SO much, that I'd be signing up for Handgun II! I'm not the typical fit, athletic type you would imagine taking this course, I'm just a regular middle aged mom thinking about owning a, I was able to shoot a head shot at 50 yards on the first day and my accuracy was pretty dang good! Amazing group of professionals, they are the real deal! Best investment I have ever made, worth its weight in gold.”

- Maria V.

“Just finished my third class with ITTS this past weekend and as usual, it was worth every penny. I'll keep going back until I run out of money!”

- Jon B.

“The best experience you can have. They really take the time to help you. And they will work with you no matter what level of experience you have.”

- Alex A.

“I took Handgun 1 this past weekend and it's not worth $'s worth way more. If your serious about learning from A++ instructors and staff, and care about the skills and fundamentals to shooting, you can't pick a better school. I was there Saturday and Sunday, and I was on the phone on Monday to schedule the Handgun 2 class. Best experience I could ask for.”

- Max K.

“I have trained with international tactical many times! I always have fun and always learn something new! Their courses are great for beginners and even better for upper level shooters like my self. Their courses keep you fresh and make you think about different senarieos that can happen in every day life.”

- Raymond G.

“Scott is unequivocally the most knowledgeable instructor I had ever met.  He is decisive, humorous, challenging and knows his subject backwards and forwards.   He can be tough when he needs to be and yet, very patient and gentle when the occasion presents itself.   Being in a class with both Scott and Brett is one of the most fun experiences I’ve ever had in a class.  He may be the tough former SWAT cop, but he was a real gentleman with us!”

- Derrick M., San Diego

“I’ve learned more in one day at ITTS than I learned at other ‘high-end’ 3-5 day schools and at a fraction of the cost!  This is an enormous bargain”.

- Brad D., USMC

“In my 20 years of law enforcement experience, I can’t believe how much I learned at ITTS in one class.   It has completely turned around my ability to defend myself.” 

- Jason P., Police officer, Atlanta

“Thanks again to all the guest speakers that ITTS had at the Integrated Force-on-Force Class.  I wasn't sure what I would think about the guest speakers and how it would apply to me as a civilian but they were among the best parts of the class.  I found that even though the subjects were law-enforcement based they had very practical applications to the armed citizen in understanding the objective and subjective elements of a "righteous" shooting as well as proper tactics and first responder medical assessment.  Of course, Scotty's instruction is second to none.  He has the ability to blend humor and seriousness in training and makes it easy to learn. I am always surprised when I think about my skill and level of understanding at the beginning of one of Scotty's classes and compare it to the end.  "Night and Day" sums it up nicely.”

- Jim O., San Francisco

“It was a phenomenal class. I have been to a lot of classes from many different instructors, but I have to say this class was probably one of the best courses I have been to. Very few of the instructors out there have as much teaching points for law enforcement as Scott does.  I found it very valuable and took a tremendous amount from the class.”

- Edward B, Police officer, Boston

“Thanks to Brett, Scott, Rob, and Mark for an outstanding class this weekend.  The classroom portion was clear, engaging (always tough to achieve), and incredibly informative.  I was particularly fascinated to see how closely parts of the "use of deadly force" section tied into the changes that the Army has made in their "Ethical Engagement" and "Escalation of Force" simulation training.  The hand's-on portion literally corrected and improved how I shoot more than any of my previous experience has - and all in one afternoon.  And, as I'm sure you've heard before, that was the safest firing line I can remember ever seeing - all of which is a tribute to the instruction and control provided by you all.  Great experience - and you'll definitely be seeing me in Handgun II”

- Mike T, Minneapolis

“Easily some of the finest and most combat-focused firearms training that I have every received.  Nothing is taught that won’t help you win a gunfight!”

- Lt Commander/USN (SEALS)