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“They will create situations that challenge the students to improve. We got one on one attention when the instructors see an individual has techniques that needed work.”
Mike P.

“As team leader, I can personally attest to significant improvement overall, and specifically with respect to marksmanship skills, after working with this dynamic instructor. Additionally, he encourages students to ask questions and openly reviews “what-if” scenarios in order to initiate discussions, which invariably results in a confirmation of his previous teaching points.”
Washington State

“I'm sure you hear this every class but it was amazing! I cannot believe how much I learned and how safe I felt. Your instructors are fantastic - encouraging, gentle, and patient. I felt myself moving from scared by the whole process toward "hey, I can do this!" And I watched 20+ people do the same thing - pretty amazing when you think about it.”
Susie E.
Santa Barbara, CA

Our Team

We offer real world training without the hyperbole or hype.  Many firearms instructors work at other jobs during the week and teach firearms on the weekends.  We do not.   We teach firearms and tactics and defend those who have applied deadly force - full time.

Our unmatched level of instruction is what has gained ITTS the reputation as being one of the world’s foremost firearms and tactics schools. Our instructors are all carefully selected by their performance in the field, their ability to articulate clearly and effectively the subject matter and their dedication to our students. They have earned the right to be your instructors based on their commitment to their professions. They come from large metropolitan police departments and specialized military units and have all experienced deadly force/combat situations first hand. Each instructor brings his own personal experience and expertise to our classes and willingly imparts their knowledge to our students, making each class a unique learning experience.

Safety is strictly enforced on our range. When you attend a class, you will be taught the safest method of training available anywhere. For first-time shooters, you will be taught all the core principles of firearms safety with a high instructor to student ratio. Someone is always close by to give you support and encouragement. When you attend a class at ITTS, you put your trust in us and we earn that trust by delivering safe, practical real world techniques in a clean, no-nonsense approach. For more than two decades, ITTS maintains an unblemished safety record.

Whether you are a complete novice who has never held a gun before or an experienced operator, we have a program that will fit your needs and an instructor who can teach you from first-hand experience.
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