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Our Staff


Scott Reitz

Lead Firearms and Tactics Instructor

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When we opened our school in 1990, Scott Reitz and Brett McQueen taught all ITTS classes. Now almost 30 years later, we are fortunate and proud to have a roster of over 20 Firearms Instructors who teach multiple discplines and bring decades of unmatched real-world experience to our training. The majority of our instructors are seasoned operators and instructors for LAPD SWAT. All ITTS instructors are current members of Los Angeles Law Enforcement agencies and take pride in sharing their tactics and experiences in an effective, safe and enjoyable manner. Further details can be provided upon request.

Front Office

Brett McQueen

Director of Training

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Jordan Weiss-Reitz

Business Development and Firearms Instructor

Jordan began shooting with his father, Scott Reitz, from a young age and has over 20 years of experience. He is a very patient and thorough NRA and California DOJ certified instructor as well as a certified Glock armorer.

Jordan received his B.A. from UCLA and MBA from Pepperdine University. Before joining the ITTS team, Jordan worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers as Manager of Security. Prior to that he worked for a Southern California based medical technologies company. He brings ambition, innovative ideas and a strong belief in one’s ability to legally and effectively protect themselves.

Gage B.

Program Assistant

Carlos Vazquez

Website Manager

Range Staff

“Uncle” Ray K.

Equipment Manager

Brian R.

Armorer and Range Assistant

Kevin L.

Photographer/Videographer and Range Safety Officer

Sean B.

EMT and Range Assistant