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Scott Reitz

Scott Reitz

Lead Firearms and Tactics Instructor

Scott Reitz is a 30 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police department. Scott received his Bachelors degree from the University of New Mexico and shortly thereafter joined the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department.  During his first few years, he worked both Wilshire and Van Nuys divisions as a heroin expert and a member of the Special Problems Unit. He was accepted into the elite Metropolitan Division a few years later and remained there for the duration of his career. Shortly after his acceptance into Metro he advanced into ‘D’ platoon (SWAT). He remained there for ten years until he was upgraded as the primary firearms and tactics instructor for the whole of Metro division and all LAPD advanced in-service firearms/tactics training.  He was additionally in charge of advanced training for specialized units such as gangs, LAFD arson, anti-terrorist division, S.I.S., Internal Affairs follow teams as well as all 19 geographical divisions among others.

Scott was an adjunct instructor for the U.S. Department of Energy’s SRT III program and one of the instructors for the US Marine Corps SOTG program in Camp Pendleton, California. He has trained and worked with U.S. Army Delta, Naval Special Warfare’s Team 6 and Air Task Force assets that support special operations. He is also one of a very few instructors who is a Federal and Superior Court qualified expert in deadly force, training, safety and police tactics. He has testified and consulted in the defense of police, F.B.I., U.S. Secret Service, and B.A.T.F. as well as many high profile cases.

Scott has been involved in five officer involved shootings that were ruled justifiable with not a single resultant lawsuit. He has taught hundreds of officers that have subsequently been involved in gunfights and to his knowledge, not a single one has resulted in an out of policy shooting. On an average year, Scott conducted the accelerated and advanced firearms and tactics training for over 7,000 officers a year and he did this for fifteen years with a perfect safety record. He has established training programs for numerous entities which have proven to be imminently successful.   

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