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Scott Reitz (Full bio), former member of LAPD SWAT, co-founder and lead firearms instructor for ITTS, Inc., and both a state and federal court qualified "use of force" expert, conducts interviews with firearms industry leaders to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of when you can and can not use a firearm in defense of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

Scott has been involved in five officer involved shootings that were ruled justifiable with not a single resultant lawsuit. He has taught hundreds of officers that have subsequently been involved in gunfights and to his knowledge, not a single one has resulted in an out of policy shooting. On an average year, Scott conducted the accelerated and advanced firearms and tactics training for over 7,000 officers a year and he did this for fifteen years with a perfect safety record. He has established training programs for numerous entities which have proven to be imminently successful.

Brett McQueen founded International Tactical along with Scott Reitz 30 years ago with the goal of providing the best firearms and tactics training available anywhere in the world. Hiring only the finest instructors with impeccable credentials and experience, Brett actively sought out programs that were either not being offered by other firearms schools or needed improvement. Brett is an F.B.I. certified instructor for law enforcement and has trained thousands of students from civilians, law enforcement and military groups. She has been a guest lecturer across the country and has appeared on numerous talk shows and news shows including Peter Jennings, the Dan Rather report and 20/20.




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EPISODE 1: Welcome to With Deadly Force Podcast! We are extremely excited to bring to you numerous discussions from firearms industry experts about the use of deadly force and how to keep you and your family safe. In this first episode you will meet your WDF hosts, Scott Reitz and Brett McQueen, learn about how their unique experience landed them here, why they were inspired to do a podcast and what listeners can look forward to in future episodes.

EPISODE 2: In Episode 2 of With Deadly Force we conduct our first formal interview, and who better than the man in charge of our very own LAPD SWAT team! Lt. Lee McMillion has 32 years on LAPD and 20 of them on "D" Team, otherwise known as SWAT. Listen to Lt. McMillion provide insight on a variety of fascinating subjects including: SWAT's overall mission, LAPD SWAT's inception, evolution and capabilities, Team structure and disciplines, Who can apply for SWAT and who makes the cut, How LAPD SWAT training is conducted, Cross-training with other teams both domestic and abroad, Use of Force standards for SWAT officers and civilians, Responsibilities of a LAPD SWAT Lieutenant, How COVID-19 is affecting the team and their duties.

EPISODE 3: In this episode we interview LAPD Sgt. Andy Markel, who spent 30+ years on LAPD and held numerous roles including being a pistol, shotgun and carbine instructor, Use of Force Expert Witness, and concluded his career as the OIC (Officer in Charge) of the LAPD Tactics Training Unit. Topics Discussed Include: Teaching tactics to officers, Connecting with and motivating young officers, Changing trends in Use of Force methods deployed by LAPD, Getting a team of instructors on the same page, The importance of understanding your department's policy, Tips for success in a Use of Force trial, Understanding depositions... what NOT to do, What is expected of an expert witness, Details about Use of Force cases Sgt. Markel has worked.

EPISODE 4: In this episode we interview LAPD Lt. II Kevin Burke, who has been with the LAPD for 21 years. During his tenure he has worked patrol, gangs, gang detectives and robbery as a Sergeant and Lieutenant. For the past year, Lt. Burke has been assigned as the Bureau Gang Coordinator for Operations-South Bureau (OSB), overseeing the Gang and Narcotics Details for four LAPD Areas and approximately 150 officers and detectives. Over the previous 10 years, Lt. Burke was assigned to Force Investigation Division (FID), where he was a supervisor of one of the investigative teams. He has been involved in or supervised over 100 cases during his time at FID. He and his team had the responsibility to respond to all categorical use of force incidents. He was responsible for overseeing the investigation of crime scenes, interviewing involved officers, suspects and witnesses, analyzing and interpreting the evidence, summarizing the statements of all involved officers and percipient witnesses and producing a thorough, complete and unbiased report. In addition, he presented his findings to the Chief of Police, the Use of Force Review Board and the Board of Police Commissioners for final adjudication.

EPISODE 5: In this episode we interview forensic Psychologist, Dr. Shiloh Catanese, who also served as a Law Enforcement Officer in Los Angeles County. Due to her experience in both fields, Shiloh is in the truly unique position of being able to offer both theoretical and practical insights. She's been there, done it, and now she helps other officers address the multitude of challenges they face due to the high demands and stress on the job!

EPISODE 6: In Episode 6 we interview LAFD firefighter Dave Danielson who has used his 25+ years of experience in the United States NAVY (2 tours in Iraq) as a hospital corpsman, helicopter crew chief and gunner, to help support his current position within the LAFD and to serve his community. Dave shares details about LAFD and how they've grown over the years from primarily a firefighting outfit to being a complex and highly capable "All emergency department" with an abundance of modern resources. Dave also discusses the the development of the TEMS team (Tactical Emergency Medical Services) and how they have helped support LAPD SWAT as well as other local Police Departments in providing rapid medical support during critical incidents such as active shooter events. And finally, Dave touches on the LAFD drone program that he has helped develop and how this innovative approach not only helps with firefighting, but that drone technology is becoming much farther reaching in broader public safety efforts.

EPISODE 7: In Episode 7 we have the unique honor of interviewing LAPD SWAT Sgt. Ron McCarthy, who was one of LAPD SWAT's original members when it first formed in the 1960s, and was involved in the famous SLA shootout, amongst many other notable SWAT incidents. He is widely regarded as being instrumental in shaping LAPD SWAT's success, which has influenced all future generations of Law Enforcement. WDF Podcast host, Scott Reitz, was a member of LAPD SWAT under Sgt. McCarthy's leadership and has always deeply revered him. This is a special episode as we cover numerous topics including LAPD SWAT history, what makes a successful LAPD SWAT officer and what makes a successful leader. Sgt. McCarthy is truly a living legend and we are very fortunate to be able to learn from him.

EPISODE 8: This is a unique opportunity to learn from a legendary member of LAPD. Detective John Helms is widely considered amongst his peers to have been among those responsible for bringing modern firearms techniques and tactics to the LAPD at a critical time for the department. Helms spent 36 years policing the streets of Los Angeles, rising in ranks from a patrol officer to the SWAT team and then finishing his career with the heralded SIS unit (Special Investigation Section). Helms and Scott Reitz worked SWAT together and in this episode they share many unique insights into how firearms and techniques have developed over the years, in addition to a discussion on the importance of mindset.

EPISODE 9: This episode concludes our conversation with LAPD Detective John Helms. Helms shares details about the famous Bomar hostage rescue incident as well as a thorough explanation of the unique, challenging and critical function of the highly regarded SIS unit (Special Investigation Section). In total, Helms spent 36 years policing the streets of Los Angeles and has numerous valuable anecdotes as only he can tell tell them.

EPISODE 10: Sam Harris has a fascinating background, hosts the acclaimed "Making Sense" podcast and has authored five New York Times best selling books. Sam is a long time student of Scott Reitz, and has much to say about the value of gaining the ability to defend oneself. We will also thoroughly inspect all sides of the "gun debate" amongst many other related topics.

EPISODE 11: Episode 11 covers a timely subject matter following the tragic shooting that occurred recently during the filming of Alec Baldwin's movie 'Rust'. We have an in-depth conversation with two highly experienced Hollywood Prop Masters and Armorers about how guns are used in movies and TV shows. Karl Weschta, VP of Independent Studio Services (ISS prop house) and Donnie Bruno, a highly experienced armorer who has worked on countless films including John Wick and Transformers, offer their industry knowledge about the vast, complex and challenging world of using guns in movies as well as their open and honest views about safety on Hollywood sets. Among the many topics discussed are industry firearms safety protocols in prop houses and on production sets, how prop guns, blanks and dummy rounds are designed, function and used in films, whats the difference between a prop master and armorer, what training/level of experience is required to become a prop master and armorer, what is currently known about the 'Rust" shooting, details about the 1993 Brandon Lee (Bruce Lee's Son) shooting that resulted in his death, as well as many more firearms-specific film industry insights. This episode is an absolute must listen for anyone who wants to better understand how firearms are used in Hollywood.


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