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“I LOVED the class and have been raving about it to my students! Now a bunch want to come up with us to take the next one!”
Sheldon Wesley
Owner, Footworks Fitness

“I would like to thank you and your entire staff for a wonderful weekend! It is truly a unique experience to learn from people who are so obviously at the top of their game."
Steve W.

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Corporate Team Building

Groups work best together when they have a common goal, a plan of action and are able to use critical thinking and group participation to find solutions to a variety of issues that need resolution. This applies to co-workers in a business setting, members of a sports team, students in a group environment, club members, religious groups or even individuals living in a common area. A strong team defines the roles of each individual, has structure and helps build strong relationships and most importantly, trust.

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Effective team development enhances performance, strengthens motivation, develops a mutual sense of trust and improves communication. All of these elements are an integral part of proper firearms and tactics training. At ITTS we will design a course specifically tailored for your team. We have worked with groups such as Red Bull that came out with 100 employees for a day at the range or smaller groups like Electronic Arts video game company that brought a team of 5 who needed to learn ‘real world’ tactics so we put them through critical scenarios. In addition to our cadre of firearms instructors, we have two MBAs on staff that assist in designing our team building days. We will get your group to work together effectively in a fun and safe environment and it will no doubt be a memorable experience!

Please fill out the form below and we will contact you, at no obligation, to discuss the options we offer. For immediate assistance please call us at 310-446-1390.

Let us make your team-building day a huge success!