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“Scott Reitz and his instructors instill confidence and also inject humor into their teaching method where the student feels safe and comfortable. Safety is not negotiable; Scott and the others demand this.”
Simon D.
Palo Alto

“I wanted to thank you for an education and fun Handgun I class, dare I say it was life changing. I do think that all gun owners should take your course. Unfortunately I did not grow up in a household that owned guns (no knowledge was imparted on me) so when I became an adult and purchased my first gun (shotgun) the gun safety knowledge was learned through Hunter/Safety classes, which as you can imagine are kind of a joke. When my three children come of age I will absolutely accompany them to your class.”
M. Patton
Los Angeles

“I had an AMAZING time in HG2 this weekend! Thanks for running such a great business. Very safe and professional! Coffee and tea appreciated!”
B. Armstrong
Ojai, CA

“I want to take time to thank you all for a terrific weekend. I learned a great deal and gained a lot of self- confidence with handguns.”
Los Angeles

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CCW Qualification Class


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Student Application Once class tution has been paid,all new students must complete an online student application prior to training.Returning students that have completed an application within the last year are exempt.

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Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility! This class will prepare you to do so in the safest and most effective manner and within the confines of the law. Whether you are a bit newer to firearms training or have plenty of experience, this class will be of great value to your proficiency with firearms!

Our CCW Qualification class is 16 total hours and is made up of three portions:

1) ONLINE VIDEO PREP: A 1 hour video created by our company to help give you a brief introduction to the fundamentals of shooting that you will be learning and practicing during the live-fire shooting day of class. This is mandatory to watch in preparation for the rest of class. You will receive an email with a link to watch the video online a week prior to class. There will be a written test on Day 2 of class and you will be responsible for the information in this video.

2) SHOOTING DAY (Saturday): An in-person training day held at our private outdoor range. This is the "hands on" portion of class and will hone your skills with firearms safety and proficiency with a handgun. There will be a state required shooting proficiency test (qualification) at the end of the day that students must pass in order to qualify for their CCW.

3) CLASSROOM LECTURE & SIMULATOR TRAINING (Sunday): A combination of classroom lecture and shooting simulator training that covers all of the pertinant local, state and federal laws governing concealed carry and Use of Force, situational awareness, setting up a saferoom, safe storage and transporting of firearms and much more. There is a written test conducted in the classroom on day 2 that students must pass in order to compete the course and show that they have retained the information presented.

PLEASE NOTE: You must apply for your CCW with the appropriate local law enforcement agency, specific to the area in which you live and determined by the zip code of your place of residence. Please make sure to check with your local agency to verify that a certificate of completion from our school will be accepted - this is your responsibility!

We suggest that you wait to take this class until you have been instructed to do so from your CCW issuing agency... meaning you have already applied for your CCW and your local agency has told you it's time for your training. Most agencies don't want you to take the formal CCW Qual class before they instruct you to do so.

For your convenience, here is a list of local agencies where we are an approved CCW vendor:

Santa Monica PD
Beverly Hills PD
Culver City PD
Inglewood PD
Glendale PD
El Segundo PD
Hawthorne PD
Palos Verdes Estates PD
Southgate PD
Bell Gardens PD
Alhambra PD
Downey PD

(This is not an exhaustive list, please check with your local agency if it is not listed here)

This is an intermediate level pistol class. While the State of California does not require applicants to have received any prior training before attending a CCW Qualification class, it’s important to note that it is the expectation of our school that students attending this class come in with a formal level of proficiency with handguns – simply being comfortable with firearms and going to a public range shooting a few of times is not enough. You should have some prior experience with a qualified school or instructor where you've been formally introduced to safety, marksmanship fundamentals and handgun manipulations (including drawing from a holster).

Here are some of the basic tenets of shooting and manipulations that we want to make sure you feel comfortable with before attending this class:
  • An extremely high standard of safety
  • Understanding the functionality of all of the handguns you are including on your CCW (E.g. if your handgun is single or double action you know how and when to manipulate the safety or decking lever, etc.)
  • Proper disassembly and reassembly of all the handguns you are including on your CCW
  • Proper loading and unloading of a firearm
  • Speed reloading
  • Chamber checks
  • The “5-Count Draw” (drawing from a holster)
  • Balancing speed and accuracy
While our CCW Qualification class will certainly include a review on all of these things, we don’t want it to be your first time learning them – that will hold up the class and be unfair to the other students who did the proper prep prior to attending. Based on all of this, if you think you might need some basic training before attending our CCW Qualification class, we urge you to either attend our Defensive Handgun 1 class (click here to view upcoming Handgun 1 class dates) or set up a private lesson with us by calling 310-446-1390.

If you have any questions regarding this class please feel free to contact us at 310-446-1390 or


January 13-14, 2024

February 24-25, 2024

March 23-24, 2024

May 4-5, 2024

July 20-21, 2024

September 28-29, 2024

November 16-17, 2024


ONLINE VIDEO CLASS PREP: 1 hour (Prior to class, at your convenience)
LIVE-FIRE SHOOTING DAY (Saturday): 9:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Subjects Covered:

  • Firearms Safety
  • Extensive discussion on the Use of Deadly Force with attendant videos
  • Simulator training - understanding, applying and articulating use of force
  • Situational Awareness and what to avoid
  • Combat Mindset
  • Handgun Selection and set up
  • Handgun disassembly/reassembly, cleaning and maintenance
  • Basic tenets of shooting
  • Presenting the pistol from the holster
  • Proper loading and unloading
  • Singles and pairs, balancing speed and accuracy
  • Failure drills
  • Shooting out to 50 yards on steel
  • Reactive steel target engagement
  • Man on man drills

Equipment needed:

  • Cleaned and oiled handgun at least 9mm in caliber. (Plan on bringing all the handguns (up to 3) that you listed on your CCW)
  • Three or more magazines for each handgun
  • Sturdy nylon or leather belt that fits through your pant’s belt loop
  • Holster - for at least one of your handguns bring both an IWB (Inside the waistband) and OWB (outside the waistband holster) - you MUST HAVE at least an OWB holster at a minimum
  • Eye and ear protection
  • 200 rounds of factory ammunition for your primary handgun, 50 for each additional
    (those with prior shooting experience may go through more rounds)

CCW Resources:

  • LAPD CCW Carry Concealed Weapon License Policy and application process: CLICK HERE

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Tuition: $600.00

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1. New Student Application If you have filled out an application in the last year, you do not need to do it again. All first time students MUST complete the application in order to be confirmed in the course. Thank you for your cooperation!

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