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what people are saying about “The Art of Modern Gunfighting”:

“Scott Reitz just published his book, The Art of Modern Gunfighting.  I just received my copy yesterday.   

For those of you who don't know Scott, he's the real deal and an LAPD legend.  I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to have received extensive firearms training from Scott.  He strongly encouraged me to become a firearms instructor and to keep training at a high level. 

The reason I share this with you is not to help sell books for Scott, but to share with you an invaluable law enforcement training resource.  Trust me......Scott will do fine with the sales without my help.   

As for the book, the presentation is simply outstanding and the best I've seen out of all the firearms books on the market.  I suggest that you check out his web-site and read the details on his new book.”

- Email sent out to National Tactical Officer’s Association by George Ryan, Member of LAPD S.W.A.T.

“Got the book today and it is gorgeous!  First class printing and layout. I will probably read it straight through in one shot. Am I correct in the assumption that this is the first volume of a combat triad of pistol, rifle and shotgun? If so I'll be first in line.” 

- Lee R, Civilian student in Las Vegas

“This should be in the library of anyone serious about the use of a firearm as a fighting tool. Scott and Brett did a fantastic job with this, and it is a nice counter to so much of the garbage that has been spewed by many in the training world based on "theory" as opposed to Scott's documentable experience. Great stuff, and I am anxiously awaiting future volumes.”

- Darryl B, retired Ontario PD police officer and gun writer

“Just picked up a copy today at the Academy gift store. He starts out the book with a detailed account of his shootings and then gets down to the real details of gunfighting. I think "Uncle Scotty's" secret is he combines experience, learning and training into a practical whole. No non-specific "special-ops" inferences or non-thought out assumptions or mantras. Problem solving at it's best!”

- Dennis W, police officer

“I received a copy of your new book just before Christmas, thanks to a recent course attendee and my training buddy from my old PD.  I've skimmed the book once, read it in detail once and am about to go through it again.  I'm retired from police work (25+ years), have been in training ops since 1980, have a good set of armed confrontations in my "portfolio", two years downrange in Iraq and I'm now working for (a private contracting firm) teaching deploying personnel.  I have been there, done that and I've read virtually everything that's been published on practical/tactical/combat shooting…

You guys have knocked one into the cheap seats from my perspective!  This book is well organized, well written and it achieves in one volume, what a real life officer or private citizen really needs to know about dealing with an armed encounter.  The explanations of the need to integrate safety into tactics and the need for clean, efficient mechanics are exactly what need to be conveyed to students.”

- Wayne D, retired police officer and firearms instructor

“This book is far more than how to be a better target shooter book. It is a book about how to win a gunfight. Scott Reitz draws on his personal experience of 30 years on LAPD where he was involved in 5 shootings as well as his consulting work as a tactical expert in both State and Federal Court. While Scott's level of expertise is extremely high, he wrote the book in a manner so that any officer can benefit from it. It will help the most novice gunfighter to build a solid foundation and will help those with much more experience to ensure that they are still fundamentally sound.

As a 25 year law enforcement officer with over 20 years of tactical team experience I can tell you that I was shocked by how much I learned from reading this book. Wish I had it 25 years ago, but better late than never!”

- Posted on the N.T.O.A. forum by a SWAT officer member

“I just finished your book and I have to say that I am very impressed. You are a true expert in your field and it is very evident when reading your book. I found The Art of Modern Gunfighting: The Pistol to be a better resource then many of the popular training DVDs I own. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and look forward to future editions.

After reading your book an International Tactical class is on the top of my list for training.”

 - Email received from Daniel P



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