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The Art of Modern Gunfighting, The Pistol:Volume 1 The Art of Modern Gunfighting, The Pistol:Volume 1

The Art of Modern Gunfighting

The “Art of Modern Gunfighting” is the newly released book written by co-founder and lead instructor, Scott Reitz and co-founder and Director of training, Brett McQueen. In a very short time it has become an overwhelming success and best seller because of its uniqueness and nonconformity to other gun books. 

The “Art of Modern Gunfighting” is really two books in one.  It covers all the elements of the Pistol in great detail with accompanying photographs as well as the aspects of gunfighting as it relates to the modern day.   The book is a result of 35 years of Scott’s real life experience behind the gun.   The “Art of Modern Gunfighting” covers each of his 5 Officer involved shootings in detail and shares the lessons derived from each of these.   The mechanics of gunfighting, the mindset, safety, deadly force and the experiences of others are also included.  

Brett shares her experiences of over 21 years training individuals from all walks of life, including a special section on training women.  The “Art of Modern Gunfighting” provides a solid, grounded, fundamental use of the pistol in an engaging and informative narrative.   Retired. LAPD Chief Daryl Gates, who was the pioneer of the SWAT concept, wrote a foreward to the book and calls it “a must read for anyone using deadly force”.

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